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Sorry for the interruption November 18, 2014

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I’m going to take a quick break from catching up to add our recipe we use for our Thanksgiving turkey.

Fresco’s Roast Turkey

Begin with a brined turkey (1 c salt per 1 gallon of water, soak the turkey overnight)


15-20 pound turkey

1/4 c kosher salt

1/4 c fresh cracked pepper

1 lb soft butter

4 T extra virgin olive oil

1/2 bunch thyme, 1/2 bunch sage, leaves removed from stem and rough chopped

1 T unseasoned bread crumbs

1 L onion, sliced

4 L carrots, 3 celery ribs, rough chopped

2 cloves garlic, crushed

2 c chicken broth

1 stick of butter, melted

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Wash turkey and dry off with a paper towel. Rub turkey with olive oil and then sprinkl with salt and pepper all over turkey and inside cavity.

In a small bowl, mix soft butter with chopped herbs and bread crumbs. Season with salt and pepper. Separate skin of turkey from breast and using your hand, place the herb butter mixture between the skin and the breast, Nd place pats of butter on the outside of the turkey.

In a large roasting pan, place rough chopped vegetables on base of pan, place turkey on top, add chicken broth. Soak a cheese cloth in the melted butter, and cover the turkey, making sure the cheesecloth hangs down into the broth. Place in oven at 350 degrees.

Turkey should take 3 1/2 hours to cook or reach internal temperature of 155 degrees. remove cheese cloth for final 20 minutes for crispy skin.

Remove turkey from the pan when cooked. Strain all the drippings with a fine strainer. Remove fat from surface with a spoon. Place natural drippings in a sauce pan and bring to a simmer. Take 4 tablespoons of flour and mix to a thick consistency with water, making sure there Re no lumps. With a whisk, blend in flour mixture slowly into drippings until gravy has thickened. Hold until ready to serve.


Catching Up: February 2014 November 16, 2014

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2-3 Sometimes I get so frustrated, I could just spit. Kids who refuse to follow the rules of maintaining a clean bedroom. We put everything in time out except their barbies. When they learn to put the barbies away without reminders, they can have their dress up back. etc. (This didn’t last.)

Chaskin has almost reached the same weight that it took the girls a year to achieve. Andrea was 16.4 and Chaskin just weighed at 15.6. Sarah is almost 19.


2-4-14This snow is perfect for teaching a 3 year old about snow ball fights!

2-6 Andrea is singing “Jesus wants me for Rapunzel.”

(I don’t remember when this picture was taken, but Mary and Tressa and I had a girls’ night and were the customers of the day.)

Girl's night2-7 She’s ready for the ball!

2-7-142-9 Does anyone else taste things in their dreams?

I love having a kid who can fold blankets and towels! Sarah is self taught. She does it in thirds.

2-10 Anthony just learned that the singer is NOT named “Atlantis Morissette.”

(Anthony’s response: Hey everyone BeQui’s profile has been hacked so you should probably not read anything she posts or even look at her page.   Then I reminded him of the conversation just now and he still thought her name was Atlantis.)

2-10 Finished! $100! Who’s interested?!

2-10-142-11 He loves it!

2-11-142-14 Our car was stolen last night. Please keep an eye out for a dark green 90s Honda with a sun roof and a white “reddit” sticker in the back window.

The police found the car about 5 hours after we reported it and everything was still intact. Woohoo! It looks like they took it on a stealing spree, it had a snowblower, 2 backpacks, some jewelry, etc in it.

Watching “Wish Upon a Star” for the first time.

2-15 Shawn is pulling ahead in the favorite uncle department!

2-16 Anthony did a beautiful job with Chaskin’s blessing today. I sure love my husband and I’m grateful so many family members were able to participate! We received reports that Chaskin stared and smiled at Anthony during the whole blessing. So many people were peeking!

2-17 Chaskin is Hulking out.


2-18 Why do all the best ideas come in the middle of the night?

2-19 My new favorite song.

2-22 I don’t know how much more child sickness I can handle.

2-23 Great news! Chaskin has an ear infection! That means antibiotics should help with his cough!

One of the things I love about Andrea is when she gets tired, she just says she wants to go to bed instead of getting bratty.

2-25 I hate the post baby hair shed.

Well, if we can’t get Andrea’s stye under control she’ll need surgery. We’ve been doing compresses since October. The problem is it popped, then scabbed, and now the compress can’t get through the scab. So it reformed under the scab, then popped under the scab, which caused the scab to get bigger, repeated several times. It’s like the rings of a tree, but scabs. I think the only thing to do is pull it off, but I can’t bring myself to do that to the eye of a 3 year old. So the surgery would be flipping her eyelid down, cutting and draining from the back of her eyelid, and the doctor would clean off all the scabby nastiness while she’s under. Then she’d wear an eyepatch for a day. And from there we’d do warm compresses and washing her eyelids every bath for the rest of her life so this doesn’t happen again. It’s taking up most of her bottom eyelid. It’s extremely painful. This is a picture from the appointment, and it’s actually looking good because the swelling isn’t so bad. When the stye is especially bad, her eye gets sealed shut. She’s had smaller ones before that took care of themselves, but I don’t think she can handle waiting. It’s honestly not about the appearance, it’s that she’s in pain.


(I checked with our insurance later, and found out we’d have a $250 copay for surgery. That night, while she was asleep, Anthony pulled off the scab. It drained and healed on its own. She’s had a few small flare ups where her eyelid starts to get red, but we soak and wash it and she hasn’t gotten a stye again since then.)

2-25 For the first time since he came home, Chaskin is not sleeping in my bed with me. Let’s hope he can pull another 7 hour stint like he did last night without me cuddling him!

2-28 You know when you’re on a roll with a knitting project, and you want to finish it so that A) everyone can see it, and B) you can start the next one.

Anthony has declared we are having 7 kids. We’re babysitting 4 nieces and nephews. So he’s giving me 6 years to give him 4 more kids. (Anthony’s response: Ok this got out of hand. BeQui sometimes has a hard time with sarcasm.)



You might be a mom if…

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you wipe a kids boogers on your own clothes…

you wipe your own boogers on your clothes because you have a sleeping baby in your lap and you don’t want to wake them up to go get a Kleenex.

you feed your family and 3 hours later, you realize you forgot to feed yourself.

“doing your hair” means washing it.

when you have to say “one for you, and one for me” every time you eat a meal.

when you have a hidden chocolate stash that your husband isn’t even allowed to touch.

when you can look at the mountain of laundry and legitimately claim to have just done this yesterday.

A handful of baby wipes are an acceptable substitute for a shower.

when your idea of a fancy date is someplace without kids, where you get to wear clean clothes and make-up. the fact that you’re browsing the Christmas section in walmart is irrelevant.

Vomit is not a valid reason to change your shirt.

when you come to the realization that play dates aren’t for kids.

When the word clean takes on a whole new meaning

when you wake up in bed and discover there aren’t any kids in there with you, and you instantly think they’re dead.

when you have a real meal plan with good, home-cooked meals. and then you have the back-up meal plan full of mac and cheese and frozen pizzas, because you know darn well something is going to go wrong on the days that you have the fancy stuff planned.

when you scrape the oatmeal off yesterdays jeans, put them on, and then pat yourself on the back for avoiding more laundry.

When macaroni IS the fancy stuff.

when you’d rather sleep than have relations.

When getting 5 hours of straight sleep actually makes you feel rested.

When you have the desire to take a pic of the room you just cleaned because you know once the kids get up you won’t be able to tell that it was spotless, so you want proof so people will believe you.

You wish you could sleep in until 7am. On weekends.

When you just realized your talking to an adult but sound like a baby.

If you woke up with one boob hang out and baby sleeping with milk drool.

When if it goes silent you know something is wrong.

When your examination of someone else’s poo is a diagnosis for health.

You tell your husband/friend/neighbor to hang on a sec mid-conversation because you have to go ‘potty.’

You put your keys in the refrigerator and can’t find them for a hour

When you look at children that are not yours and think where are their shoes. Or where is their coat.

You look at the toddler that isn’t yours and instantly know the missing shoe is in the minivan outside, ha ha.

You can justify asking when the last time someone pooped. Because their belly hurts.

when someone complains of a stomach ache and you ask when was the last time they went to the bathroom

Oooh when your angry and you go through all your kids names before you get the right one. Like Anthon—-ANDREW!!!

Your purse is more like a duffle bag.

When a complete stranger makes a comment about how they wish they had a straw, and you can pull one out of your purse. True story.

When you are a pro at tuning out obnoxious movies.

When you drop your kids off to school/preschool, or are just driving alone, and you go through at least 3 songs before you realize you’re still listening to kid music.

When you hide noisy toys because toy just can’t listen to it anymore and pretend you don’t know where it is.

when anything coming out of a body doesn’t bother you (blood, snot, excretions…you name it)

When you choose your outfit based on nursing ability and nothing else

when you take the batteries out of noisy toys, convince your kids that they’re broken, and the quietly giggle as you throw them away.

Don’t bother shutting the bathroom door anymore because kids will either burst in anyway, pound on it calling “MOM MOM MOM MOM!!!” or my favorite sticking hands/toys/whatever underneath the door until you come out

When you have asked “did you wash your hands?” And they say yes, and you say “let me smell them” and watch the child retreat to the bathroom to wash their hands.

When you can tell what child is outside your bathroom door by how they are breathing

When your baby starts to spit up you stick your hand out without even thinking to catch it.

You don’t own a single item of clothing that’s ‘dry clean only’.

the “toy” you buy with tax returns is a new vacuum.

when you get excited about having an effective laundry system.

When you finally get to say “because I’m the mom and I said so.”

When going to they gym actually seams appealing just because it’s an hour without someone pulling down your pants or tugging at your bra.

When “don’t make me sell you to the gypsies” becomes a normal part of your conversations.

When you figure out you can use diaper wipes to clean almost everything

Your sleeping position is 100% determined by another person’s comfort.

If you have sleep anxiety because you know as soon as you fall asleep someone else will wake up.


Catching Up: January 2014

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1-1 I started my New Year’s Resolution early and went to bed at 10:30. Boom!

1-3 I’m bad at sleeping.

I’m thinking we should name our house Fukushima 2.

1-4 Sarah is pretty confident Justin Bieber’s real last name is Biesinger.

1-5 I need to take that “sleep when the baby sleeps” advice more seriously.

1-7 Chaskin smiled at me today! TWICE!

1-8 Two sick girls over here. Hopefully it’s food poisoning and not something contagious.

1-9 Someone is getting big and chubby!


1-10 The sickness finally got me.

Sarah is singing, “Put a like and put a string on it!”

1-12 Chaskin’s first day at church


1-13 Chaskin is already in size 2 diapers.

Anyone else want to slather that leg in barbecue sauce and eat it with some mashed potatoes?



1-17 It takes a long time to knit a hat when your baby only lets you do a few rows at a time.

This kid is noisy and adorable. That’s a newborn diaper next to him, for comparison.

1-17-14I made this hat!

1-17-14 (2)1-18 3 1/2 years and 24,255 stitches later.


1-19 Andrea just told me, “Don’t be a-dick-we-us!”

I just love him.


1-21 Chaskin is lucky he stays cute at night.

I just took a 4 hour nap, and I’m ready to go back to bed.

1-24 My throat is KILLING me, and so swollen. Any ideas how to help? I don’t take cough syrup. Does that help swelling, or just coughs? I’ve tried gargling salt water and drinking warm water with honey and lemon. No help. So much sadness!

1-26 So, knitting argyle is difficult and time consuming. Who knew?

Do you think we could clear out the inversion if everyone put all their fans on their porches and aimed them North?

1-27 And THAT is the front of a baby vest!


1-30 Chaskin is fussy for the first time in his life. Poor guy.

Wook at his widow wips!


1-31 Ice castle fun!

1-31-14 (2)


Sarah just told me she’s glad she was born with me and she bets Chaskin is glad he was born with me, too. She is SUPER good at compliments!



Catching Up: December 2013

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12-3 This is what Chaskin looks like after a bath, and then pooping in his towel.


12-6 Happy due date, Chaskin! Sarah and Robbie were playing a Marvel game, and practically sitting on top of each other. 12-6-13


12-9 It’s my first day back in a routine. Had to set an alarm that would give me time to feed a baby before waking up the girls. Next step, figure out how to get everyone ready with one hand. Finally, hope I planned enough time to get 3 kids buckled into carseats and get Sarah to school on time.

12-12 We let the girls decorate the tree this year, so the ornaments only go about 4 feet up.

12-14 “If evolution works, why do mothers only have two hands.” Milton Berle

12-16 Chaskin is the pukingest baby I’ve ever had.

Welp, I had Andrea take a nap in preparation for Patty coming home tonight after bedtime. Now her flight has been cancelled, and Andrea is supposed to go to bed at her normal time after taking a 4 hour nap.

12-17 Patty came home from Peru! We had a party at our parent’s church and everyone ate delicious food. Patty gave us all souveniors (I’m wearing my Peru pants while I catch up on my blog.)

12-23 As long as I’m currently a SAHM, I’m working to like it and make my family like it, too. That means we’re eating ACTUAL DINNERS, not mac & cheese and cereal. (That’s what happens when you get home at 9:00.) And I’m actually enjoying the leftovers!

12-25 Every time Andrea opened a present, Sarah would say, “Andrea, we can TAKE TURNS with that!” But she never volunteered to take turns with the presents SHE got.

Merry Christmas!

12-26 It’s disappointing when county employees don’t understand basic math. I went to buy Chaskin’s birth certificate. It was $18. I gave her $23 (a 20 and three 1′s). She said, “It’s only $18,” and tried to give me the $3 back. I said, “Right, but if I give you $23, then you can give me a $5 bill back.” “She said, “I can’t do that because I have to write down what you paid me.”


12-27 I’m nothing but a food source.

This kid had gained 2 pounds 5 ounces in the last 3 weeks. No wonder I feel like he never stops eating!

12-28 Sarah is watching George of the Jungle in the office. Anthony keeps going in there. She just told him, “Dad, quit coming in here. You’re disrupting the movie.”

12-29 So I was just looking through my blog to compare growth of the kids, and it appears Chaskin’s growth rate is not astounding.


Catching Up: November 2013

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First, birth pictures of Chaskin. He had electrodes because they were monitoring his oxygen, blood sugar, and temperature.

11-23-13 (2)


On the 24th, another doctor from my doctor’s practice checked on me. He was a super sweet guy, and he told me that my doctor had left her kids with her dad on her day off so she could be at the hospital with me for several hours. And it just reinforced how much I love her. She is the most amazing and gentle and sweet doctor.

I went home from the hospital on the night of the 25th. I was very frustrated because my doctor was supposed to sign me out at 10 a.m., but then darn other ladies kept having babies. Then she had to go back to her office because “pregnant women” had been “waiting.” Pffft. Anyway, she was finally able to get back and check on my progress at about 9:00 p.m. and she was really cute and apologetic. She changed Chaskin’s diaper for me while we talked about my recovery. The hospital felt really bad that they had kept me so late, so they gave me 10 extra packages of diapers.


Look at my little jaundiced baby with his adoring big sisters!

Also, on the 25th, there was a 5.8 earthquake in Peru, where Patty was finishing up her mission.

On the 26th, we celebrated our 8th anniversary by staying home and taking care of a new baby and cleaning up his first blow out.


I will now catch up on the rest of the last year by posting my facebook status updates:

11-29 Every time Andrea needs help, she asks for a human. She’s trying to hide in the linen cupboards and shouted, “I need a human to close my doors!”


Chaskin’s Birth Story November 26, 2013

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About a week and a half ago, I started getting pretty anxious about Chaskin coming. I had a feeling that we needed to get a waterproof mattress cover, so I bought one. I have had several false labor concerns. Like, I would have cramping or contractions and be convinced that labor was starting. But I didn’t want to go to the hospital if I didn’t have to. So I would give myself a deadline, or go lay down, and the contractions would stop. So for the last week I’ve been praying that I would have a clear sign for when it was time to go to the hospital, like my water breaking.

By the way, I did NOT want to be induced this time, and I did NOT want to get an epidural. My epidurals with the girls went so badly, I just didn’t even want to bother with it again.

So I stayed home from work on Tuesday because I was sick. then I had Wednesday off. I went in for a check up. I was dilated to a 3 and 70-80% effaced. My doctor told me I could have the baby any day. Then I went in for an ultrasound. I’ve been measuring a little big, so we wanted to make sure he wasn’t 20 pounds or something. Anthony was able to come, and during the ultrasound we confirmed that Chaskin was still a boy. They gave me a size estimate of 7 lb 11 oz (give or take 18 oz). So a least I could be reasonably sure that he would be less than 10 pounds when he was born.

I was really unsure whether I would go to work anymore, because Anthony had given me the go ahead to stop working whenever I felt like it, and my doctor told m she would write a note and I could pick the day. I ended up going to work Thursday, and I was really glad I did. It was great to see my coworkers again and I had a really fun day.

Friday, I experienced some signs of impending labor that I don’t want to discuss, so I called in to work. I did some nesting (Made 2 pans of banana bread and washed all the curtains) and then when Anthony got home we went on a date. We ate burgers and watched Catching Fire. Then I took some Benadryl so I could sleep soundly. I woke up several times through the night from strong contractions that made me have to pee. At 8:00 I woke up from an especially strong contraction. It was kind of painful, and I thought to myself that I should write down the time and see if I had any more, when suddenly my water broke.

Water breaking is one of the weirdest sensations. It felt like someone squeezing a water balloon, and then it popped. I gasped really loudly and said, “My water just broke!” Anthony jumped out of bed and started running around to my side. I told him to calm down, that we had time before we had to go anywhere. He called his mom to come stay with the girls, and I took a shower. We left the house at about 9:30 and checked into the hospital at 9:45. During the car ride, my contractions were about 3 minutes apart. When we got the the hospital, they checked my dilation and I was at a 4. My contractions stopped almost immediately. My doctor wasn’t on call, but she came in anyway and checked in.

My nurse checked me again at about 1:00. It was super painful and I cried. I was still at a 4. She told me she was going to call my doctor and that my doctor might want me hooked up to pitocin. I refused. She told me they start it really low and blah blah blah and I refused to use it. My contractions started right back up, and I discussed pain management options with my nurse. She told me they could give me a shot of a pain killer if I needed it, but I couldn’t be dilated above a 7. At 3:00, my contractions started picking up and I asked for the pain killer. She checked my dilation and I was at a 5. They gave me the pain killer and I got really groggy, but the pain was more manageable. It wore off after about 30 minutes and the pain was getting pretty bad. I asked the nurse to check me again at 3:45 and I was at a 5.5. When I realized that 45 minutes of pain (and it was increasing) had only dilated me a half a centimeter, I asked for an epidural. Then the contractions really started getting crazy. At 4:00, the anesthesiologist and my doctor came in. By this point I was screaming from the pain. The anesthesiologist was a jerk and kept getting mad at me for moving or for crying without telling her what was wrong. She finally got the needle in at 4:10 but by then I could feel Chaskin crowning. I started pushing and at 4:16 after 3 contractions, he was out. I went from 5.5 centimeters to a baby in my arms in half an hour. The anesthesiologist put in the medicine while I was pushing, so it kicked in after Chaskin was already born.

There is something completely crazy about child birth. One second there is a human inside you, and you’re screaming in pain. The next second the pain is completely gone and you’re holding your new child. It’s so amazing and wonderful. I love my little buddy. he’s so relaxed and adorable. He has the cutest hairy back and legs. I just pet him for hours and rub my face in his head hair.

I’ll post pictures when I have time to upload them onto my computer. He’s already nursing like a pro and sleeping pretty well at night.

The girls have been so crazy sweet with him. They just hug and kiss him all the time. Sarah was holding him this morning, and he started crying. She sang “Summertime” to him and he fell right asleep on her. Andrea calls him Wittle Chaskin and loves to pet his head. I’m so blessed to have 3 such amazing and adorable kids.



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