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Big Sister June 9, 2013

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Sarah is such a great big sister. Andrea is a picky eater, and tonight we convinced her to eat a grilled cheese sandwich. We also put out some tomato soup for her, so she would hopefully watch Sarah eating it and give it a try. However, she just wrinkled her little nose and cutely said, “I don’t yike it.”

Sarah told her, “Andrea, you remember how we talked about sharing? Well, now it’s time to talk about trying new things. And you’re a big girl and you should try the soup. See, I’m going to eat some, and I’m not scared!” And she ate a big bite of soup.

It was the cutest dang thing, and Anthony and I had to find excuses to leave the table so we wouldn’t laugh, because she HATES to be laughed at.


Earlier today we were talking about our favorite superheroes. Sarah’s is Catwoman. She has a Catwoman costume and is constantly wearing it and won’t answer to anything but Catwoman. And when she’s in costume, she only refers to us as Cat Mom, Cat Dad, and Cat Sister. Anyway, she was asking us who our favorite superheroes are, and Anthony said his was Wolverine. She said, “Not Batman?” And they had a long discussion about the merits of Batman vs. Wolverine. Then she asked me and I said, “Well, I think my favorite is Superman.” We all agreed that Superman was a good choice. Then Andrea walked into the room and we asked who her favorite superhero and she responded without hesitation, “Metro Man.”


Last night we went to Sizzler for dinner as a family. Sarah LOVES to eat at restaurants, even though she only ever orders macaroni and cheese. Anyway, Anthony decided to find something in her ear, and it turned into a game for the whole dinner with Anthony and I finding things in everyone’s ear. Sarah would get so excited and say, “What is dis, some kind of magic or somefin?!” (She still has a little trouble with “th.”) She eventually decided that there was a witch that had cast a spell on her. We sat near the windows, and Andrea spent the whole time pulling faces in them. It was hilarious. Well, I guess not the whole time, because occasionally she would run around the table and give Anthony a big ranch dressing or ice cream soaked kiss.


Both girls are such a blast, they seriously crack me up. Dad is watching them while Anthony and I work, and he tells us funny stores when we come home. Like on time Sarah was asking him where his hair was, and he said he had lost it. She told him, “Maybe it’s under your bed…” Then a few weeks later they were watching a movie and the people were upset. Sarah asked why they were sad, and Dad said, “Because they lost their freedom.” She looked at him slyly and said, “Maybe it’s with your hair.”

He took a nap on the couch once while Andrea was napping and Sarah was watching a movie. Andrea woke up before he did, and came out of her room, saw he was asleep, and went back in her room. She then came out with all her stuffed animals she sleeps with and her white blanket and tucked him in, then sat quietly on the other couch so he could keep sleeping. She does the sweetest things. She is so willful, but she is also so thoughtful. He was telling me another story about how he had a headache, so she climbed up on the couch behind him and started softly brushing his hair.

A few days ago I was crying, and Andrea asked what was wrong. I told her, “Sometimes my life is just hard.” She has this special soft voice she uses when she wants to comfort someone and she gently petted my face and back and said, “I sowwy you wife is hawd.”


And now for the big announcement: I’m pregnant! I’m due December 6th. I’m about 57% wanting a boy, and 43% wanting a girl. I want a boy because we have some very meaningful names picked out, and I want to be able to use them. But I want a girl because our 2 girls we already have are so AMAZING, I think it would be wonderful to get another one.

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  1. Suzie :) Says:

    So cute! I love those girls!

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