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August 1, 2013

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We’re having a boy! His name will be Chaskin Ammaron, after Anthony’s older brother and his best friend. He hates it when I wear tight pants, and he loves it when I eat Oreos. Seriously, if I ever feel like he’s been too quiet, I can just eat an Oreo and he’s kicking up a storm within 5 minutes.

The girls are still cute and funny. Andrea took a 4.5 hour nap today, and would have kept sleeping if I didn’t check on her. I was very jealous, but it was my day off, so I spent the time trying to get my jam to gel, cleaning up, and snuggling with Sarah. Then I had a nice snuggle with Andrea when she woke up and we went through their toys for donations.

They are so funny about their toys. I told them we were going to go through the toys and pick the ones they don’t want so we can give them away. Sarah started running around and grabbing her Barbies and saying, “We’re keeping all the Barbies, right?!” I told her, “Sarah, right now we’re not picking out the toys we want to keep, we’re picking the toys we don’t like. So put down the Barbies and pick a toy you don’t like.” They started picking toys to give away, and occasionally one of them would veto the other kid’s choice. Sarah kept trying to get rid of Andrea’s rubber rat. I think they would have gotten rid of all their toys if I hadn’t stopped them to take a break. I think we’ll give it a day or 2 and then look at the toys they don’t want and I’ll ask them if they still want to get rid of all of them. They are definitely not hoarders, and I love that.

We got a new fridge! Anthony’s parents moved and they gave us their fridge. I’m so excited, because the freezer has 3 more cubic feet than our current fridge. They’re both side-by-sides, and our freezer was so narrow you could barely lay down a Totino’s pizza. If we bought Breyer’s ice cream, we’d have to stand it on end to fit it in the door.

When we were moving it over, it was such a hassle. We had to take off his parents’ door to get it out of their house, then we had to take the doors OFF the fridge to get it IN our’s. It has an ice maker, and when we were taking off the freezer door, it disconnected the wires. No biggie, since it’s designed to do that. We plugged it in to make sure it worked, then put the doors back together. Plugged it in again… And it blew the circuit for the kitchen. We tried several times, and it blew every time. We got an extension cord out and tried to plug it into the dining room. Different room, different circuit breaker, and nothing else plugged in. It blew the circuit. Anthony had been told by a ward member that sometimes you can take the back panel off the fridge and hit a reset button and that will take care of it. We didn’t have a reset button. Anthony was about to give up and return it, when I suggested we re-unhook the ice maker. He said it wouldn’t make any difference, but I asked him to humor me. And voila! It stopped blowing circuits! So we don’t have an ice maker, but we DO have a bigger fridge!

This morning I realized that Sarah starts school in about 3 weeks. She has a uniform. and we hadn’t started buying any of it yet. (I also did the math and realized Andrea won’t start Kindergarten for THREE years. I’ve been thinking we would have kids going into school every other year. And Chaskin won’t start for 3 years after that.) So Sarah and I went uniform shopping and I almost cried because she is getting so grown up. She’s so cute in her little jumper! you’ll have to wait to see a picture until her first day, though. I’m going to try to get the day off work, we’ll see how it goes. We still don’t know if she has morning or afternoon Kindergarten, and I’m starting to get anxiety from my inability to plan ahead. I also want to know if we have a supply list. Because if I’m supposed to provide a box of Kleenex and get her some crayons or whatever, I need to know about it! I can’t buy everything the week before school!

Anthony and Sarah have the same first day of school.

Speaking of school, I’m considering going back. I’d go to WGU, since it’s accredited and all online. It’s about $600/year more expensive than the community college. I really want to be a math or science teacher, but I don’t want to start classes at the CC because the semesters are set dates. I like WGU because you start whenever you’re ready, and each semester is 6 months long. You work at your own pace, which means you could finish faster than that, and then start your next semester. If you’re a fast worker, you could get a bachelor’s in 2 years. I’m hoping I’m a fast worker, so I could get through a semester before Chaskin is born. Anyway, it would depend on a lot of things, so I’m not sure it’s going to happen right now. But that’s my goal. I’m the kind of person who wants to talk things over in person, so that’s the downside of an online school.

Work is going great. People keep asking me when I’m going to promote. Like team leaders and department managers. But in an ideal world, I would be coming back from my maternity leave part time only, so I don’t want to promote for 4 months, then say, “Never mind!” Which means I’m also holding off on applying for internships because I don’t want to take that training opportunity away from people who are working toward a promotion NOW.

I made 41 half pints of jam 2 weeks ago. They are delicious. Strawberry, Apricot Pineapple, and Strawberry Mango. The Mango is the one I had to re-set. It was like syrup. We’ll have to see how it works out. So far it’s thicker, but not jammy.

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  1. ruby12402 Says:

    Yea at least someone ia having a boy these days…. In my boys class at church it will be 6 girls and then my boy…. So excited for you.. The 2 girls then a boy is awesome fun…

  2. Suzie :) Says:

    I can’t wait to see pics of Sarah all dressed up for school! Where’s the pics of your new fancy fridge? I’m very excited for baby boy to come!

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